About Us

The concept of the NANOGAITERS was conceived in California, the State of Sunshine, when we were looking for a mix of comfort and safety that regular masks could not deliver. 
We joined forces with a technology guru in the nanofiber world – PARDAM co, who has been focusing on research, making, testing and refining filters used in our NANOGAITERS to complete our functional design.
The basis of the NANOGAITER is premium quality Wicko active mesh with a nanofiber membrane, which effectively protects against viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi and dust particles. The gaiter cloth is very thin and breathable, so it is suitable for everyday use even in warmer weather and for sports. It is equipped with adjustable wire over the nose and adjustable comfortable rubber. 
Certificates and tested filtration efficiency of SAFETY NANO PROTECT
Filtration efficiency of the material for individual particles:
Allergens 99%
Dust particles P1 99%
PM2, 5 and 10 dust particles 100%
Bacteria and viruses 99.9%
Our NANOGAITERS have achieved a perfect balance of:
    1. Superior Nano-fiber filtration that protects you from a wide range of airborne pathogens, pollens & pollutants
    2. Superior Design and ultra comfortable contour-fit that prevents air-leaks and can be worn for HOURS at a time
    3. Superior Style that reflects your personal fashion sense
Our immediate goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and stylish alternative to ineffective fabric masks.
We guarantee our products provide safe and effective protection from polluted air conditions when used correctly.


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