What is Nano Gaiter and why is it an effective face mask?

What is Nano Gaiter and why is it an effective face mask?

Face masks are becoming a part of our everyday lives, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Safety, peace of mind and 

ease of wear are the main assets, while providing you and those around you the best protection. 

What is Nano Gaiter? 

Nano Gaiter is a face mask brand using the nanofiber technology: Nanofibers are a novel and unique kind of fibrous material with fiber diameter smaller than 1 micron.

The nanofiber is 1000 times thinner than human hair and is invisible to the naked eye. Most manufacturers today use melt blown technology for the production of nanofibers, but Pardam co we use filters from produces nanofibers using electrospinning, thanks to which they are able to make fibers much thinner and achieve the highest filtration capabilities.

Why is Nano Gaiter an effective face mask?

Nano Gaiter is considered as an effective face mask because is uses this specific nanofiber technology. The nanofibers are spun by a nanofiber membrane, which can be imagined as a very dense network or filter. The holes in this filter are so small that an air molecule passes through them, but not a bacterium, virus or allergen. The nanofiber membrane has a tested capture of submicron particles (10 - 400 nm) and is therefore ideal for the capture of various bacteria and viruses (SARS-CoV-2 virus has a reported real size of 80 to 150 nm).

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